I’ve Had It: Men Who Skirt the System

Viagra and big bank accounts allow undesirable men to reel in 25 year olds, Pumps turns out to be quite the case cracker and Jennifer has a reason for wearing all black.

I’ve Had It: Armpits, Feet and Butt Play

The ladies welcome bare knuckle boxer, drag queen, and artist Diego Garijo. Jennifer is crying over spilled breast milk and Pumps is floored by a revelation from their sound engineer.

I’ve Had It: You’re Not a Pisces, You’re a Schmuck

Yack mouths ruined a historic tennis match for Jennifer while Pumps recalls a 25-old tarot card warning she should have heeded. Sounds like Mercury was in retrograde.

I’ve Had It: National Everything Day

Jennifer gets blindsided by "National Sons Day" and finds herself scrambling to post glowing reviews about her boys on social media. Pumps doesn't post at all because she's fuming about being hijacked by yack mouth gas station attendants.

I’ve Had It: Burning Man

What’s worse? Hot yoga or a hot week in the desert at Burning Man? As if Jennifer isn’t appalled enough, the reality of cuddle puddles and peeing in a bucket sends her through the roof. Pumps, however, stays grounded so she can flirt with this week’s guest.

I’ve Had It: Toddlers are Assholes

Toddlers are assholes...what's wrong with saying it? Jennifer and Pumps are gonna say it after they get to the bottom of which fruit is the universal sign for swingers.